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A Little Night Music (set)


music and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim

book by Hugh Wheeler
directed by Jerome Davis


music Director: Christian Lamoy Stahr

choreographer: Genevieve Juras

set: Xinyuan Li

lights: Matthew Adelson

costumes: Stacey Herrison

props: Lynda Clark

sound: Juan Isler

stage management: George Waller

Burning Coal Theatre Co. Raleigh, NC


"I recommend that you arrive early, so that you can drink in the incredible details of scenery designer Xinyuan Li's set. (And don't neglect to notice the glass globes and period lighting fixtures hanging from the ceiling, the "cubes" on the perimeter of the stage, and the surreal painting on the floor..."  

                           - Triangle Theatre Review

                               by Kurt Benrud

"Of special note is Xinyuan Li's scenery design, with hand-painted cubes of metal and glass that maneuvered around the small stage to account for scenes. Hanging above, ornate chandeliers and glass gloves filled with pastel flowers of purples and pinks harken to the lavish life of the country genteel..."

                               - Takin' Broadway

                               by Garrett Southerland

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