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Reflection Landscape 


Lighting Installation


Size: 2' x 2'


Material: Edison lights, Acrylic glass,

mirror plate, and plastic plate


Venue: Xinchang Old Town, Shanghai


Reflection Landscape is a location-based project built within the transition period of this old town, Xinchang. After being relatively isolated but self-sufficient as an ancient village for thousands of year, Xinchang gets this gigantic move and ready to show the essence to the outside world.  Tons of investment has flooded into the town and been changing it into a brand new, artistic and touristic version. It definitely stimulates the local economics but is it what the natives really want, what kind of improvement or damage it would cause? There would be no way of knowing it right now. The only way to know is by keeping staring at the ripples to see how far it would go after throwing the stone in the tranquil pond. 

The Edison light in the center is the essence and primal spirit of this town. Whatever we did along with the history river are the pieces of glass in colors. They would definitely change the way it's supposed to look like in all sorts of degree. And those mirror plates around it are the outside world. The reflections are the results of multi-cultures colliding and colluding, as we say, the ripples.  



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